Monday, April 28, 2008

Who had a worse morning?

Neither Charlie or I had a great morning, this morning. I'm trying to determine who had it worse. Here are the facts...

Charlie seems to be getting ready to cut 4 teeth...the pointy and bottom. I'm sure that doesn't feel good.

He also was a bit constipated this morning and clearly uncomfortable.

He accidentally fell out of the car. It is not like the car was moving though. It was in the garage and he was climbing in. I went into the house to grab my keys. He somehow managed to fall out of the car and was laying on the garage floor when I turned around. He got a bump on his head and a little cut on his nose from the fall.

I took the car to get the emissions tested. Charlie thought it was the carwash and went ballistic. The carwash is Charlie's least favorite place on earth.

Charlie wanted me to add this picture so,
that you can visualize how rough a morning it was.

As far as MY rough morning...

Well, I'll skip all of the typical rough morning stuff and jump right to the highlight. Charlie and I did our morning errands and then rushed home to unload the groceries before picking the boys up at school. I was unloading the groceries as my toothless, belly filled, banged up stinker in a green Oscar sweatshirt (how appropriate) followed me around while whining about wanting something to eat. I quick gave him some prunes (total ulterior motive) and put the groceries away.

Five minutes later, I put Charlie in the car, hit the garage door opener and ran to grab my keys. All of the sudden I heard a horrible noise and immediately knew that I made a BIG mistake! While I was unloading the groceries, the trunk door on the van would not open all the way so, it was leaning against the garage door. I forgot to close it and then opened the garage door....not pretty. The garage door and the van trunk door moved up together until something popped and the garage door got stuck 1/2 way up and wouldn't move. I pushed the button again in hopes that it would go back down, the door opener made a noise, but then stopped again. I pulled the release and tried to push the door up or down and it wouldn't move. Ugggg!

I only had 10 minutes before school was getting out. I tried a few more things with the garage door and then grabbed the stroller, rolled it through the house, grabbed some extra warmer coats for everyone and basically ran the 1/2 mile to school to pick up the boys. They were quite suprised to see me with the stroller, rather than the van in the rain/sleet/snow mix that we were experiencing. I explained to the boys what happened to the garage door and then had to listen and answer 1001 questions on the way home.

Them: "Well, what about swimming? Can we go to swimming?"

Me: "Swimming is not until Saturday, we will fix the garage door before Saturday."

Them: "well, what about religious education, that is today?"

Me: "Religious Education is at OUR house!"

Them: "How about school tomorrow, what if it is raining when it is time to go to school tomorrow"

Me: "You mean kind of like how it is raining/snowing now and we are walking home from school? We'll do the same thing in the morning if it is not fixed yet.". "Can you guys please walk FASTER!!"

Them upon seeing the garage door: "Look Mom, the garage door is stuck 1/2 way!!!"

Me: "Aaaahhhhhh!!"

Charlie's afternoon improved...he took a nap...and pooped. My afternoon remained a bit rough with the usual Monday stuff. The car door guy showed up about 3:00. The good news is that it is fixed. The bad news is that I probably did not need a repair guy. Apparently, when I pulled the release, it fixed whatever the problem was. He un-did the release and pushed the button...all fixed.

Wish us both luck for a better day tomorrow. :)


Cathy said...

LOL!!! Rough day!! I love all the questions that the boys asked. You know... they are at that age where they want an answer for everything since they are learning everything. Whatever happened to the old phrases that parents would say to their kids all the time when they asked questions... when the kids ask "Why?"... parents would say "Just because!" LOL!! The boys would think of what would actual make sense of what to do... but they don't realize that you have a million things on your minds!! I hope your day gets better today! It should be a beautiful sunny day in the next two days... but a little cold!

Tasha said...

GRRR what a day-- I had a rough one too. As far as you and Charlie go -you win! Charlie will survive and forget all about it, but when does the bill arrive for getting the door fixed???