Sunday, April 20, 2008

Worst Mom in the World

I screwed up. I hate screwing up.

Friday was "Eat Lunch with your Kid Day" at school. I love those type of things. I love seeing the boys at school, I love seeing and socializing with the other moms and teachers. I really look forward to those type of things. This school event was so easy too, I could bring Charlie. It was sooooooo easy in fact, that I forgot all about it. :(

I wrote it on the calendar that is on my wall in the kitchen AND the calendar that I carry in my purse. I think that if it was tatooed on my forehead, I would have forgotten. As I was driving up to the school to pick the boys up from kindergarten, I even noticed that there seemed to be a lot of cars at school and I wondered what was going on. I'm such a moron. It didn't even click when the teachers started to walk over to my car without the boys. It was not until the teacher started to explain to me that the boys were inside waiting for ME to eat lunch with them. I felt horrible.

The boys looked fine when I finally got inside, about 15 minutes late. It was not the enjoyable experience that it could have been, but at least they were not in tears. Afterwards, as we were driving in the car to piano lessons, we were talking about it a bit. I told them about the time that my mom forgot that I had 1/2 day of school when I was in 1st grade. She picked Jen up from kindergarten and forgot about me. Sorry Mom, but they adore you and I figured that if I told them that even Grandma did things like that, I had a better chance of being forgiven.

I think they have forgiven me, but it still bums me out when I think about it. I can't even blame this on being a busy mom with 4 kids thing. This involved 3/4 of my children and the remaining 1/4 does not really have planned activities. I just plain screwed up.

My camera cord is still broken, but if it was working, this is where I would post a picture of the boys eating the ice cream that I used to bribe them to forgive me. ;)


Tasha said...

I bet if you asked your boys who the Best Mom in the World was they would say you! That is the best part of having children (under the age of 10 that is ) they are so forgiving and no matter how bad we screw up they still love us! Just how upset you are about it proves what a great Mom you are. Love ya !

Theresa said...

We all do stuff like that. It is only when you don't care that it matters....