Friday, April 4, 2008

Don't Worry!!

Not that I was looking for sympathy over losing our "Thursday night -Date Night" , a few of you seemed concerned...(then again, a few of you seemed not concerned at all...MISHELLE!!) about Spencer and I losing our "date night" to the new cousins. Well, I wanted you all to know that although we no longer have our regular Thursday nights out, my mom and dad are still going to take the boys on different outings once in a while. See, nothing to worry about!!!

The first such outing was today. My mom and dad came and picked up the boys about 12:30 this afternoon and took them to the Field Museum. They planned on taking them downtown to the museum and then for dinner at Connie's and be back home by 6:00. Spencer came home from work a bit early so that we could have an actual Friday Night Date Night and be home by 6:00. Well, it turned out that the grandparents were having so much fun with their BIG grandsons, they did not make it home until 7:30!!! They all looked very happy when they came home and everyone said that they had a great time. Jack said that he had the "best dinner ever!!". Ben said they saw "lots of DEAD animals" at the museum. Jack said that his favorite part was "when they pushed a button and the animal lit up". And, Drew said his favorite part was "the restaurant, not the museum" but he added that he did have fun at the museum too.

Unfortunately/Fortunately, I don't have any pictures to go along with the post today...because I wasn't there!!! LOL!!

I could post a picture of what I was doing with my precious, rare, free time in such a quiet house. But, that would be boring because I was doing taxes! Being a procrastinator definitely has its disadvantages. Like, having to use valuable, rare, alone time at home to sit in the office and work. Next time, I am going to be much more prepared to have fun with my "free time"!! Thanks Mom and Dad!!! We love you!

Love, Kelly CPA (it's just too bad that the CPA is a bit rusty)


Tasha said...

Does this me you are turning down our offer to spend time with the boys while you and Spencer have alone time?? Hey you still have a week before taxes are due, you could have relaxed , but I am proud of you .

Cathy said...

LOL!!! Drew is so funny... I love it!! So... did you finish my taxes?? :) Don't worry... it's only less than 3 weeks before you and Spencer will have THREE full days of alone time!! :) :) :)