Wednesday, April 9, 2008

You know you're a mom when....

You seriously cannot tell the difference between the smell of puke and the smell of Febreeze.

Don't worry, nobody is sick. Ben threw up about a month ago and it was an awful throw-up. I feel that I am sort of an expert in puke and let me tell you that this was one of the worst that I have seen.

One of the great things about the boys being 5 is that they sometimes make it to the bathroom when they puke. Unfortnately, sometimes they don't. And, a really unfortunate thing about them only making it sometimes is that the times they don't make it, the mess is usually worse and more spread out. At least when they were younger, they would just puke in their beds. Although gross, at least the mess is contained. Just wrap up the sheets, remake the bed, change the kid and all is fine. Cleaning out sheets and pjs in a laundry tub is way better than cleaning sheets, towels, pjs, floors, walls and carpets...just for one puke.

Well, as I said, the last Ben throw up was a doosie. It is driving me nuts because even after all of the cleaning, I still smell puke when I go in their room. I decided this morning that I was going to scrub everything once and for all and get rid of that nasty smell. So, I did. I washed the wall, the floor, the door jam and the carpet. Then, I got out the Febreeze for one last attempt to bring a fresh smell into the boys' room. Guess what I noticed!?!?! The Febreeze smells exactly like the smell that I have been trying to get OUT of the boys' room for the last month!

My brain is so messed up and has been smelling puke and Febreeze together for so long that it can no longe differentiate the two smells. I'll have to have an independent smeller come to my house to see if the puke smell is gone. It does scare me though...I wonder what the rest of my house smells like to the "outside world".


Mishelle said...

I have a pretty sensitive nose if you need a volunteer. I need to come and "do" your master bedroom anyway?!

Cathy said...

LOL!!! I am not a fan of Febreeze at all... it think it smells worse than Lysol or anything else! I am trying to think if I have any tips to help you with the smell.. but the only thing that coming to my head is... Arm and Hammer carpet cleaner powder. You sprinkle some on the carpet and leave it in for 15-20 minutes (or a few days depending on the smell.. lol!) than vacuum it. I use it all the time here at Winni's house. I use the "Pet Fresh" kind.. it helps me with my allergies against Alley (the cat) and so far it has been working well... leaving a nice fresh smell. The other thing I would think of is to place a dryer sheet under Ben's bed near the puke... it will leave that freshness smell. :) I really don't have any puke stories of my own.. but the best childhood memory was when my brother Ed vacuumed his best friend's vomit with the vacuum cleaner since he didn't want my mother to find out that they were drinking... but do you think he ever got caught?? He got busted the next day.. when my mom found this horrible smell and couldn't clean the vomit out of the hose of the vacuum so she had to buy a whole new vacuum!! LOL!! He was so busted!!

Kelly said...

Hey Cath, get your own blog!!! Just kidding, you can comment on mine all you want. ;)