Monday, April 14, 2008

My Computer

Is not really MY computer anymore. Obviously, I have to share my computer with the boys and their Webkinz. I actually think the the Webkinz site is pretty cool and I think it is great for the boys. Ben bought "a studio" today for 1,000 in KinzCash, or as he said "10 - 100's of KinzCash". I really don't watch too closely when they are on, but 1,000 is a lot of Kinzcash so, Ben must have been pretty frugal and been saving for a while. The studio is very cool and I'm impressed that he bought it. He uses the studio to make little "movies". He can pick out the characters that he wants and then the background and then finally he types in a little script for them. It is very involved and quite cool. It was definitely a good purchase! Here is a picture of the 'Big Boys' in the family making a movie tonight in Ben's Webkinz studio.

As if sharing with the boys isn't enough, now, Charlie has been *demanding* a turn on the computer. Charlie hasn't learned how to really talk yet, but he definitely has a way to make his desires known. What Charlie likes to do on the computer is to look at pictures of himself. So, he comes in and starts gibber-gabbering to me and pointing to the computer and then himself. If that doesn't get him what he wants, he pulls to get up on my lap and then starts pulling at the keyboard and the mouse, while pointing to himself with his other hand.

If you see my husband, tell him that a Mommy Laptop may make a nice Mother's Day present. ;) (Just kidding)


Cathy said...

LOL!!! Seriously... I think you do need a laptop!!! I'll leave Spencer a little tip next week. (j/k) I have seen them play on this site and adding up their points... it's a good thing that this is the only site they going into... just wait til they get older and move onto something else. That is so cute about Charlie... he doesn't want to be left out. He's a little almost 2 year old that wants to be like the little almost 6 year olds! LOL!!

Katie said...

Not only do you need a laptop you need a little wireless router, which you can connect to the boys "new" computer. Then you can be online anywhere in the house. They look like they are having a lot of fun!

Theresa said...

gotta warn you, the laptop won't help. With this many kids that just means they will be on it too playing against each other in webkinz world..... (spoken in my 3 minutes of computer time on my laptop)

Tasha said...

ahh webkinz, isn't that fun I was introduced to it by my neice and I actually earned her tons of cash while she was on vacation. So guess what I got for my birthday last year???? Yup maybe Ben has beaten me at some games already. Laptop would be a perfect gift, but you may want to keep it your secret and only use it when the boys aren't around, haha!