Friday, April 4, 2008

Check this out!!!

My Aunt and Uncle live in Punta Gorda, Florida. As you may, or may not recall, Punta Gorda, Florida took a direct hit from Hurricane Charley a few years ago. (Just for the record, that is a different "Hurricane Charley" than the "Hurricane Charlie" that is currently living in our house.) Anyway, the neighborhood that my aunt and uncle live in was badly damaged and many of their neighbors lost their homes. Their home was damaged, but was miraculously still standing after the wrath of the hurricane. The home that stood directly behind my aunt and uncle was completely destroyed. The lot remained vacant until last week. The contractors found this in one of the trees.

That is unbelieveable to me!! It is amazing that anything survived! I wonder if they are going to leave it there. It definitely seems like it would be a cool reminder to how fragile we all are and it would definitely keep things in perspective.


Tasha said...

What is that thing?? It is amazing how fragile life is and I think of that a lot. I'm grateful your Aunt and Uncle didnot suffer 100%loss and still have a home.

Cathy said...

Really... What is that thing?!?!?! Can you image if you actually got hit with that thing... OUCH it would really hurt!! I remember seeing pictures of all the damages down there and a picture of their house... they were lucky! Every day counts... just make the best out of it!!